Sunday, October 30, 2016


Spirit said to put her in the Facefuck Friends box, so, plop. The Special Friend box is still empty, fuck it, spirit and I are going fishing.

Yesterday I removed the material from the dinghy, wasn’t sticking good enough to suit me. Put another coat of paint on it, still don’t know what I will do about the seams since my plastic glue doesn't turn out well anymore.

Flexseal didn’t impress me, the other dinghy still leaks.

Bobbie asked if I could remove the headrests from her back seat so she would have a better field of view to the rear. Nothing to it, took less than two minutes.

Road trip, maybe.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Saturday, October 29, 2016


I generally don’t give a shit what is going on in the left lanes on multi lane roads. Pretty much got speed out of my system back in my racing days and these days I tend to do 60 mph even when the speed limit is higher. Of course I respectfully stay in the right lane like I’m supposed to do, if I happen to be on a one lane road and the speed limit is higher than 60 mph and someone comes up behind me if at all possible I move over and drive on the shoulder so they can pass, I’m just a respectful sum bitch that way, to keep this fucking monkey experiment speeding along ya know.

But I wasn’t in a great mood to start with on Thursday and my chore that day was to take Tim to some doctors appointments in Fort Worthless. Just one of the things I do to help others. We had plenty of time to get there but I was in a rare frame of mind to make some fucking time and wanted to peg the speed limit all the way there.

And way too many of you cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeeys where getting in my fucking way. Why in the fuck are you hanging out in the left lane at 62 mph when the speed limit is 75 mph? It really irritates spirit when one of you cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeeys decides to hover in the left lane next to another cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeey in the right lane and you are both doing the same speed ten or fifteen miles under the fucking speed limit.

If you cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeeys want to hang out together pull off the highway and find a bar or DQ, or get a fucking room. And learn how to use a fucking cruise control, it irritates spirit when you cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeeys keep varyinging your speed ten mph and I have to keep changing my cruise control setting. KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF !!!

I’m driving Tim’s pickup on such days, do you think I give a shit if I ding his front bumper up shoving your stupid ass ahead of me at the posted speed limit? Might think twice about that. Cocksucking motherfucking monkeeeeys, when I wanna make time stay out of my fucking way.

(fuck you)

Have a blessed fucked up day, go kick it in the ass

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fort Worthless

Long day yesterday taking Tim to Fort Worthless and Arlington and I wasn’t in a great mood to start with, plus had gotten up at 4 AM so I was hardly in the mood for the cocksucking motherfuckers disrespecting the left lane when I was in a frame of mind to haul ass, and believe me, I know how to haul ass when I’m of a mind to, don’t fuck with old race car drivers, but that is a longer post I don’t have time to write right now, you will have to wait until tomorrow for that rant.

Anyway, there is a good Thai food place not far from the Ben Hogan Center I discovered on a walkabout the first time I took him there and we had time to go there between appointments yesterday. The Le’s Wok expansion and remodel is now complete and now it is a pretty classy joint. My fortune cookie said I should be more patient with the fucking monkeys.

Have a blessed fucked up day, go kick it in the ass

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


As I was drifting into wakefulness yesterday morning spirit came to visit with me, pointed out that the women that keep rejecting me have been giving me a wonderful gift, freedom. Women no longer seem to understand what a man gives up to be with them, or appreciate that fact. So, ladies, thank you for my freedom, I guess.

As I muck around on the internut I see “Love you” about fifteen hundred times a day, hell, it has just become an overused word, I question that anyone even means it but it is very easy to toss around. You want me to tell you I love you have to earn it, godfuckingdamnit. Well, on a scale of one to ten I do love you, at a one, it is up to you to earn a higher place up that scale.

Did you know that groups including the Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young playing at the Big Sur Folk Festival were never paid more than US$50 per performer?

Young lady at Heard Brothers with a broke truck, overheard her say something about a ride so I offered her one. Turned out that she needed to get back to Odessa, bit of a stretch for me unless she paid for the gas. But I didn’t bring that up, she was trying to get hold of her dad to come and get her, hope she did. She had “motherfucker” down pat, bless her little heart.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Doing okay

Got by on about 800 bucks last month but paid for six months truck insurance yesterday, my agent gave me a nice Rockwell calendar, and have to get new tabs this week, will tighten up on expenses in other areas. Want to build my rainy day fund up some more.

Taking Tim to Fort Worth Thursday for a check up, hope we have time for some good Thai food.

I know how to get a girlfriend, win the fucking lotto. Life isn’t about a dirty mind, it is about living, the dirty mind is just a bonus.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ouch !

That graphic hurts. Yesterday this old fart puttered at the property some. Raked and bagged some leaves.

Years ago when they busted up AT&T this old fart figured that was the end of them but it looks like they have managed to get even bigger now. Not that it means anything to me, I was fine with AT&T in the old days and still use them.

My keyboard needs a FUCK IT key.

I’m surprised at the number of christians here that are felons, but they have a book that forgives them. I don’t recall ever knowing a woman that had been in prison, or even jail for very long, now I suddenly know a number of them. These christians don’t seem to be doing a very good job of raising their kids, the jail is full of christians. Christians seem to think that if you don’t believe in god that you are an atheist, that figures. I don’t need the god crutch, I need another spiritual being to wander down country roads with me.

The house on the corner next to me has been improved enough that there are now some folks living in it, I haven’t met them yet. The house on the other side of me has been condemned so those assholes are now history.

Spirit: Did you have a good day?
BBC: Pretty good.
Spirit: Did you leave that monkey alone?
BBC: Yes, other than one short comment in a PM, would have been rude not to reply
Spirit: Carry on.
BBC: Fuck you.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Friday I went down a street just to see where it went, to get to know the town better ya know. At the city limit it turned into a farm road and went by the juvenile correctional facility. Then it turned into county road 180, few miles out of town were some zebras in a field, neat. Just a bit farther was a bunch of painted rocks, looks like some hippies live there, cool.

Soon I will take a lunch with me and spend a day exploring that area, some of the nicest hill country I’ve seen here.

My cheap Champion generator starts on the first pull, sweet, the property is off grid and it is just cheaper to be my own electric company, don’t use that much of it there. Yesterday I cut out and installed the feet for the other end of it.

That chink joint on Austin near Coggin is a decent place for a light lunch when I’m waiting for a load at Wash Bright. Pint of fried rice and a container of sweet and sour sauce for two bucks.

Got an email from Terry, they plan on coming here for a visit in March or April, that will be great.

Spirit: She appears to be a christian, what in the hell are you thinking?
BBC: Mostly that I’m a fuckin idiot.
Spirit: Well knock that shit off.
BBC: Okay, okay, she isn’t interested in me anyway, I’m just an ole fart to her, I just like to beat myself up some.
Spirit: Fuckin idiot.
BBC: Ah, shuddup, ya cocksucker.
Spirit: Fuck you.
BBC: No, fuck you.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Saturday, October 22, 2016


It appears that Gene has a girlfriend, he kept chasing her away but she kept coming back until he gave up, or something like that. Interesting, not sure what to make of it, should be interesting to see how it flows.

So, Eric, a man that travels all over the states in a motor home and posts his life on Utube had lunch at the Cheers bar in Boston (now pretty much a museum/gift shop and café) and the waitress asked him how he wanted his burger cooked, cool. You don’t get that option most places, wouldn’t do it for others but the cooks at Granny’s Café would cook mine median rare for me, they are much more tasty that way.

Can’t get the old tiles in the bathroom nice and clean, will check with the landlord to see if it is okay for me to install new tiles. Good time of year to clean the windows inside and out but I can’t clean the twelve inches above where the A/C units are unless I remove them and not sure I want to do that.

I use a gator aid bottle for a water container, take it everywhere with me. Left it in Gene’s truck when I went to help him on a job and the little prick threw it away so I had to buy another bottle of it.

My new bird feeder is for small birds but isn’t getting any traffic, Bobbie said they will start showing up this winter. Looks like the humming birds have moved south, that feeder isn’t going down now but I’ll leave it up for a bit longer.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Friday, October 21, 2016

I guess

I Don’t know how to have fun

Lots of folks post silly things they pickup at sites that analyze your profile, and play all sorts of games, quizzes, puzzles. slots, etc, seem to do it for hours on end. I asked a few of them why they bothered with that stuff, the general reply was, “Because it is fun.” Well, shit, guess I don’t know how to have fun, took a few and the results were bullshit, I’m lucky to get a hug once in a while and haven’t been kissed for years.

I guess strip poker would be fun, if I wasn’t a bad poker player, I’d soon be naked and she would still have all her clothes on. I don’t do games, puzzles, quizzes, sites that analyze me or visit porn sites. Don’t watch football or other sports, I must be a real fuddy duddy.

Who here has not watched the first season of Deadwood? If you like Deadwood you are my friend. When I ordered liver and onions Gene said I would have to sit at another table, “Fuck you, you go sit at another table.” The liver at the Red Wagon is fork cutting tender, his chicken fried steak was tough.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Working on deck

It appears that I do not know how to have fun, I should post about that.

We sure have different ways, I always take more than I think I will need to a job site, he tosses some shit in his truck and hauls ass, I’m more careful and more picky about details, he charges around like a bull in a china shop. I move stuff, he kicks shit around. But I don’t try to tell him other ways of doing things, it’s like hitting a bull between the eyes with a 2X4 and pissing it off. But for his age that monkey can still balance pretty good on the top step of an eight foot stepladder. Over four hours on my hands and knees working on a deck was a bit hard on me, I didn’t spend that much time on my knees begging for sex.

Pray for this, pray for that. Who in the hell do you want me to pray too? Search the internut for god, there’s thousands of them.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I blogged about it when I built my black powder pistol from a kit, got in an interesting discussion about black powder and black powder guns on another page so figured I would put a picture of it on my facebook page.

Shaved my underarms, got in the habit when doing long hours when long haul trucking and often using wipes to clean up with.

Ray said it and I agree, “A lot of people talk about "Freedom of Religion", but only their religion. Not enough are talking about freedom from religion!!”

Quest For Fire, interesting movie, spirit has always been into fire, I was a pretty crude human being back then.

Keeping my posts simple for a while, and avoiding much of the internut while I muck around in the deep end of my mind, but I repeat myself. Can’t turn it off so I just have to deal if it even though it is hard on me. I wouldn’t wish a spiritual journey like mine on anyone, pain in the ass.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Monday, October 17, 2016


Set the game cam on the porch again to see what comes at night, just cats, and one possum again. Bobbie says an armadillo comes here but I haven’t seen it yet, she said it lives under the apartments with the cats.

1.3 miles to the park entrance, should make that part of my walk instead of driving there. Yesterday I walked a ways with another man that is pretty interesting, ex alcoholic, biker and hell raiser back when he was drinking and getting into fights, resisting arrest, etc. Shoot, I’ve always been laid back when drinking. Also stopped and talked to Christina for a few minutes.

No idea when I will have lunch with a lady of interest, but not this week, said she would get back to me, possibly when hell freezes over.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lettuce us play

Rebel fighters pray near their weapons as they advance towards Azaz city, northern Aleppo countryside, Syria. You know, this is one sick planet, everyone wants some god to be on their side. Leave god out of this, can’t you see that he is busy whacking off.

I am on my own spiritual journey, don’t pester me with your bullshit and books and we will get along just fine. Sorry, but I can’t pray to an asshole that lets people get cancer in the first place.

God said he would put good women in all corners of the earth for men to enjoy, then he made the earth round and laughed and laughed and laughed. I don’t think I have ever stuck my dick in a woman without sticking my finger in her first, get her revved up ya know. Just pondering.

Sometimes it’s a fair amount time between fishing trips so I made a little worm box, don’t think you can leave them in a fridge to long. Checked on Tim yesterday, they did the operation this time, he is doing okay, hope it works out good.

A classy very attractive lady agreed to have lunch with me, she knows me well enough that I now have to question her judgement, I haven’t been on a ‘date’ for years, okay to touch? Stay two feet away? Pretty sure I will have to talk some, that’s a great way for me to get into trouble, I’m going to become a babbling idiot.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The internut certainly adds a new dimension to elections.

I’ve heard about Whittier, Alaska plenty of times over the years but was surprised that it only has a population of about two hundred people, and most live in the same building.

Wondering if I should let my hair get long again. That fucking ankle biter next door needs to become a fucking taco.

I’m not great on blind stitching but did a pretty good job on some cuffs yesterday.

To be a christian is to be a follower of a myth, that is not my path.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wannabe Outlaw?

Einstein once said that he shouldn’t worry so much, that this political system had a system of checks and balances in it, I hope to hell that he was right but things has changed since his days. I’m thinking we should enjoy ourselves while we can.

Well, men and women attempt to get together for sex, but anymore it seems like a lot of them go home alone and masturbate, I’ve been stuck with it for twenty years. I’d feel better about life and myself if I had a girlfriend but I don’t so tough shit.

If I say something you think is funny it is probably by accident, I don’t sit around thinking, “I will say something funny.”

When it comes to shopping for clothes I’m pretty much a complete idiot and I’ve pretty much worn the same kind of clothes all my life, just basic stuff and I like shirts with two pockets and pants with back pockets but when it comes to shopping for them I suck. I’ll set up the sewing machine and make back pockets for those pants, can wear them for working on dirty projects and I’m always doing that. I’m like the kid in Peanuts that walks around attracting dirt.

I would not pester a woman for sex, unless she shows some interest in it it isn't going to happen. Not that I’m trying but I suppose I will piss someone off today.

Have a blessed fucking day, go kick it in the ass

Monday, October 10, 2016


I assumed some time ago this election was going to be pretty damn interesting, and fucked up, I’m not disappointed. Some of it is absolutely amusing. Piece of ass, hahahaha. But Trump is making me look like a saint. Hey, that is why men and women get together, a piece of ass, some pussy, to enjoy some cock.

I find it interesting that cuz of the internut I've now seen the words boobies, tits, pussy, cock more than I have the whole rest of my life. It sure has perked things up. Reminds me of when I used to tell Leslie to shut up and suck my cock when she was harassing me. The internut is an interesting culture that is going to change our culture, hopefully for the better.

I don’t think there has ever been a man on this planet that hasn’t said, “I’d like a piece of ass.” Including the goofy little fuck they call Jesus.

All of us have had some history, some of us have studied it even more, I ask you to ponder on something. They are a warring people and any country with christians is going to experience turmoil and wars, I’m pretty concerned, war is ugly.

If it is okay for christians to swear it is okay for us spirits to swear.

Relax, we’re all crazy, it isn’t a competition.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Interesting day

A lot in the bible is to control the masses, gather round sheeple. Pray to a god that already knows someone is dying and doesn’t give a shit? Interesting concept. I’m fond of saying pray in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up.

How many fools in this country? I’m not sure, how many are voting for Trump or Clinton? I see statements that Obama wants to stay in power, what in the hell is wrong with you people? I’m pretty sure he is looking forward to getting away from that thankless job.

A rolling stone, hum, I guess I’m somewhat guilty of that. “No sir, I have never expected anyone else to bring me a beer, I'm more than willing to get up and get my own. And make my own pizza. But I am very complex.”

Styrofoam is different these days. Yesterday I melted some with acetone and got a much better result, closer to what I used to get when using cheaper gasoline. But it doesn’t take much acetone so is still affordable to make a great glue.

So, I met Edna yesterday, hubba hubba, hubba, and that is a compliment being as I’m so damn picky.  I wuz impressed, but I’ll mind my own business, can’t imagine her taking much of an interest in me.

Tomorrow is Native American Day, fuck Columbus. Like me, many of us are of European stock but on the other hand many of us have a native spirit/soul. Think about it. Has anyone else noticed that the christian right is going insane?

Have a blessed fucking day

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Something most retired people learn, most shit isn’t as important as they used to think it was. There is a whole lot of shit that really doesn’t have to be done and if you don’t do it it doesn’t matter.

American germander is visited by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, but avoided by grazing animals. Interesting how nature sets some things up, like to assure a supply of nourishment to bees, etc. Too bad nature is chaos. I often wonder why people don’t understand that ‘god’ isn’t in charge of nature and has no control over it.

Got a pair of pants and two shirts at the thrift store yesterday, I should be good for another 20 years.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Some people are just idiots

Years ago I did some posts about making a really good glue with gasoline and styrofoam, some folks call it napalm but I just made it for peaceful uses. Made some yesterday to use on the leaky dingy but ended up with a different product, maybe they have changed how they make styrofoam so you can’t make napalm? I’ll try making some more with lacquer thinner, or acetone, it used to make up such a good glue, and very cheap to make. Of course when I made it up north it was much cooler than it is here, that may be key, I don’t know.

About sixty-four percent of us did not watch the last fucking debate, no worries, they are bullshit anyway. Have you sheeple decided which of those two fuckwits to vote for?

I have no idea why they would move homes from Victoria, BC to Port Townsend. I need to find a scale, pretty sure I’m gaining some weight and that is a good fucking thing. No lottery winner Wednesday and that is fine cuz I didn’t buy a ticket anyway. Two hummers at the feeder actually getting along, cool. Raining this morning, crap.


Thursday, October 6, 2016


Was reading about healthy eating, lot of opinions about that, no more than one serving of cheese a week? That would eliminate a lot of mexican food, and pizza.

Didn’t do what I was planning on doing yesterday, didn’t sleep well and my guts was raising hell on me. Spent most of the day on the bed feeling like crap andd trying to get some sleep, better go for a walk today.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Always nice to hear from Terry

Terry called me yesterday, he was in Seattle, Carol is having an operation on her back, I hope it works out good for her. He still hasn’t put the café up for sale but he really needs to get away from it after all those years of hard work.

So many people just shack up anymore that marriage may as well be declared obsolete. But how do they decide what last name the kids will use? How can they call themselves christians when their god expects them to be married when making and raising kids? I ponder on these things. I think they are all brainwashed and fucked up in their heads.

We are all cursed with something we can’t live without, a brain. What a pain in the ass, it may be better when doctors get skilled enough to kill parts of it so we don’t have to deal with so much shit that makes us so disturbed.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Robin Williams- Live at the Met 1986

Is the first site I visit everyday after getting up, gateway to an astounding world. Well, after I do my post.

Over seventy five percent of us have been victims of property crimes. That doesn’t say a lot for the progress of mankind. Most of these crimes are committed by people in their 20’s and 30’s.

After a whole hour of fishing yesterday I didn’t get a single bite so I gave up and walked a lap around the park. The food Amada brought me is excellent, will make some fine turds.

There are all different kinds of ducks and geese at the park and they often flock together and get along great. Except for one little bastard I called the muslim was picking on others a lot, even his own kind. They should all gang up on it and peck the little cocksucker to death.

Nature often has a disdain for human preparation, prepare anyway, it improves your odds.

Go to Utube and watch “Robin Williams- Live at the Met 1986”, the first two minutes are slow but then it picks up, he was up to date 30 years ago.

Monday, October 3, 2016


I had never thought about colors being protons but that makes sense being as protons make up everything.

Got to the fishing spot yesterday and opened the cooler for the worms but they were still in the fridge, I had grabbed a container of guacamole, sigh, so I just sat there reading a book for a while.

Tim gave me some kind of Mexican soup he made, it is pretty good.

A vision: Someone eliminates the two leading candidates by blowing up a debate site, many would see that as evil but it would be genius. Hey, people are taking sides but in general Americans don’t like either of them.

Amanda brought me a bunch of homemade Mexican food, bless her heart, it will take me three or four days to eat it.

Teach your kids how to use their hands for something besides texting.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oh, that

So, Halloween is at the end of the month, I never have understood all that crap. But my childhood was different, I grew up an adult, didn’t have the kind of childhood most kids seem to have. The Halloweens of my youth wasn’t decorated up and all that stuff, and no parties and things like that. We were allowed to go trick or treating but had to scrounge up our own costumes, they were never much. Anyway, to this day I still have nothing to do with Halloween, it just seems like a bunch of foolishness. Actually, I think it is now just another way to get your money from you, even Home Depot has a big display of shit for sale that will have to be stored away until next year. Or tossed in the trash.

I’ve been a lot of places and lived in a fair number of places and it is my observation that this city has a high percentage of fucked up and unreliable people in it. Or is the whole world going that way?

I have a knack for getting on the nerves of people with too much drama and fuckeduppness in their lives, and the many excuses they have, especially when it interferes with my plans. But I finely got my mower back, won’t lend it to her again though, not that she is likely to ask being as I reamed on her some. I value people that has their shit together.

Some good stuff in the September issue of Readers Digest, you should read it.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

I have a question

Why are so many so called christians always hanging out in bars instead of churches? Just wondering, I’ve known a lot of them that never go to church but claim a love for jesus, especially during hard times for them. “My fucking life is sucking, I need jesus and his love.” Rolls eyes…

Who came up with common core math? Likely an idiot over paid school administer.

I just want reliable people around me, is that too much to ask for?