Saturday, October 21, 2017

Life on the road

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I follow some RV folks on Utube, their lifestyles and travels are very interesting. They have problems at times of course but always seem to work through them.

Eric kept having problems with his old RV breaking down and was often pretty broke and trying to come up with the funds to get it fixed but slowly started making more money on Utube so got a newer one about a year ago. RV’s can be a pain in the ass, rolling homes that are falling apart and hard to work on, and expensive to have fixed.

And that damn thing is always breaking, everything from the brakes to the automatic transmission, that had to be rebuilt last winter in Florida. The brakes finely got fixed right this summer in Montana. Since then it has started running like crap, he had the cats replaced and he is now in Florida where he has a good friend that goes by RV Prepper Wayne that in my humble fucking opinion is a damn good mechanic. I’m impressed with his work.

He took the top of the engine apart and replaced a bunch of stuff, gaskets, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, etc, and now it is running like a new rig again. I’m glad I don’t have to work as a mechanic on these newer rigs, they are a pain in the ass.

A lot of those RV folks often flock together for a while at times, like birds of a feather. Like spend much of the winter at what they call RTR in Arizona but Eric is thinking about staying in Florida this winter.

Caravan Caroline, an ex cop that got MS and discovered that her health improved after deciding to live in a van she converted into a camper is still fucking around in Oregon where it is getting cold but she and a few buddies are working their way south for the winter.

Another lady I follow, Carolyn's RV Life, has been screwing around in Tennessee. Folks like that are sure interesting to follow. The local Toyota RV is tempting.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Since starting on my pain in the ass spiritual quest/journey 20 years ago I’ve pondered on many things a hell of a lot more than I’ve wanted too.

Got to thinking that it may be a good thing that the christians adopted some of the old pagan traditions. Were it not for that their religions would still be boring as fuck and they would still be the murderess bastards they was in their earlier history. At least they have calmed down a little bit.

I was fucking Johnny’s sister, Suzy, on the old sofa on the front porch while steeters lunched on my ass and sweat ran down the crack in the Louisiana heat when her new friend walked up. “Hi Suzy, who ya fucking?” “Hi Jo Ann, this is Johnny’s brother, Billy.” “Hi Billy, nice cock.” “Hi Jo Ann, thank you, nice tits.” “Thank you, can I have some of that cock?” “Stick around for a few minutes, Suzy is about done in.” “Will do.”


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Those old Internationals were tuff trucks. Not made for speed or good fuel economy but made for farmers and trades people that needed tuff hard working trucks. And some of them looked pretty damn good for those days, I like the body style on that one. 

I don’t work on it a lot at a time but I’m sanding down the fuck up on the chair body. It will have to do without a clear coat cuz that shit doesn’t play well. Paint and body men must get bored a lot as it can take a lot of tedious work to get a real nice paint job. Especially then things fuck up.

I went through the bike department twice looking for one of those bike flags but didn’t see any. The other day I spotted one in a ladies shopping cart so I stopped and asked her where she found it. She said at the end cap, I guess I didn’t notice them as when I got to the end of the isle I looked at the stuff on the wall.

A neighbors adult son checked out with a .44 the other day, guess he was tired of life on this rock and decided to relocate but it’s hard on a mother to lose a child.

Nice work

The people that make those trailers do damn nice work, I’ll bet they are proud of them.

Yesterday I worked for a bit on improving a path to the water.

Sam Elliott in GONE TO TEXAS, pretty damn good movie.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The shits

That house brand of chili that Aldi’s sells gave me the shits.

Even without intelligent design you can still believe in a heaven, and it can be what you want it to be, doesn’t even have to have a god in it, or you can be the god in it. 

I guess the witch in the unit behind me doesn’t do halloween.

Monday, October 16, 2017


I know a lady that is having a major operation this week, they are going to take a box cutter and slice her legs open to install high tech fiber optic veins in them, or something like that. But she is a very private person so I suppose she wouldn’t want me mentioning it or that if you are into that praying stuff that you could send some her way, so just forget that I mentioned it.

I got some decent pacific cod the other day, the monkeys here think catfish is a fucking food item.

A couple of friends have shared some porn videos with me via messenger, I guess you can get away with that as long as no one reports you. I’ve never watched much porn but I must admit that they are enjoyable to watch while I polish my cock.

Non-denominational Muslim, hum, will ponder on that.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A bit of fishing

Drowned a worm yesterday but never even got a bite in an hour. A lots of folks say that live bait is the best, or a cut up perch, I’ve never used live bait before, may try it. Some folks were camping at site six but wasn’t fishing so I went ahead and fished there.

I don’t have any heavy duty fishing gear but took the stoutest pole I have and with a big treble hook I cut the points off of I fished some branches out of the water while it is low.

Didn’t even ask why I felt hurt, that is how little she cared.

Last year my truck A/C worked for three months, got me through the hottest part of summer. This year it is still working good, guess whatever the stop leak shit is in the more expensive freon is worth the extra ten bucks a can for older systems like mine.