Friday, September 30, 2016

Long day yesterday

Didn’t get back home until almost 7PM and didn’t have time to go to the Thai place for a good meal. Took a slight detour through Dublin on the way there, stopped at a very small taco place Tim likes, I wasn’t impressed, the meat was tough. Dublin’s claim to fame is having a Dr Pepper museum, it was the last place Dr Pepper was made using real sugar.

I’ve never seen a tree like that, may be some kind of a pine tree? The pods look somewhat like an undeveloped pine cone.

I’ve driven everything from race cars to eighteen wheelers, and some heavy equipment but I sure don’t like driving Tim’s pickup. It runs good but the seats are too low and everything else is too fucking high, including the outside mirrors that make blind spots in turns. And the thick window pillar is another blind spot. And the inside rear view mirror only shows about half of the back window. And the steering gear box is too fast, you have to pay attention every second or it is headed toward another lane, curb, ditch, any fucking where it isn’t supposed to be. Driving that peace of shit three hundred miles a day wears me out but he isn’t comfortable in my truck. Actually, he isn’t comfortable any fucking place, I hope he is better after his operation next month but I’m not making any bets on it.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The damn dinghy still leaks.

Damn dinghy. Maybe I should make a damn dinghy ditty, toss in a titty or two. Guess I will just make my own sealer.

What is good on mustard tatter salad? More mustard.

Did your zodiac sign change? Don't worry, NASA says astrology is still fake…. Yup, made up by monkeys playing with their brains, like the bibles. Your horoscope for today is, “Shit will happen, deal with it.”

You know, the national elections are not for you anymore, they are controlled by the two powerful parties, have been for some time, something needs to be done about that, like I keep saying, reject both of the front runners and force a restart.

I’m driving Tim to Fort Worth today for three doctors appointments, hopefully will have lunch at the Thai place, you’ll have to get along without me until this evening.

This post approved by Bill the Cat.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This election has great entertainment value.

I’m repeating myself but what the hell. More interesting than the debates is peoples reactions to the debates. Two people that shouldn't be are running for office and americans are letting them get away with it, what a stupid country. I guess americans aren't willing to reject both of them so america will get what it deserves, and watch a football game. Americans will get the government they deserve.

 “Choosing between a presidential nominee is like choosing which grit of sand paper is best to wipe your ass with.” Trump and Clinton both speak fluent bullshit but her’s is shiny.

Hummers can sure be assholes, one perches on the clothesline and chases other hummers away.

I walked into the Wagon and told Eva I would have the breakfast special with sausage and she asked how I wanted my eggs. “OE.” For some reason that cracked her up and she laughed and laughed. But that is how they write it on the ticket. When she brought my order she said, “Here is your OE.” And cracked up again. Ah well, nice to be able to make someone laugh in the most fucked up election year I’ve ever seen.

Think I’ll do a little fishing this morning.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I just went for bananas

Came back with a bird feeder, bag of seed, more hummer juice and an oil filter.

It may be time to light the pilot light on the heater.

“Six people were injured when a shooter opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday morning, police and fire officials said.” Hey, knock that shit off, you fucking idiots.

Too nasty yesterday for a walk, so I just went to the park to see if the cats had been fed. They had been.

Everything may happen for a reason but no one is in charge of what happens.

I think most Trump supporters consider themselves christians. I guess if you can be brainwashed into believing in god you can be brainwashed into believing in Trump.

Be buried? Hell no, no one could hear me if I say something. LOL


Monday, September 26, 2016

Drive it like ya stole it

“Aaah....... just a whisky dent. That'll buff out.”   LOL

I’ve driven more miles than many people and have never wrecked a rig bad except in demolition derby’s. Hell, have only had one insurance claim in my life. I pretty much baby my rigs.

Did two miles in the park yesterday, Christina hadn’t been there to feed the cats so I went back home to get them some food.

Christians be slow, a horny woman and a man with a dick created me, no god was required. How do you get a christian worked up? Say, “Fuck god.” I notice that the lot of so called christians never go to church or have a thing to do with god until something goes to hell in their life, then they babble on about god. Rolls eyes.

“Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”


Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Bobbie’s yard

This one looks different than the one in Jackie’s yard. I should have taken the picture sooner, it is about done for it seems.

Almost everyone knows that I’m into all that survivalist stuff and still have the bug out trailer, and the camper I made. This winter I think I will fart around making some more black powder even though I already have more than I’m ever likely to use, unless things do go to hell. Heck, haven’t shot one of my black powder guns since moving here, or any other gun for that matter.

Wish I had known about the Comache County Pow Wow sooner, would have planned on going to it being as I’m a country hick.

An Arby’s roast beef Max has a lot of meat in it, I shit you not, three servings for me, that is a good price for a good roast beef sammich.

Cooler this morning, first I’m doing a few laps around the park, then I’ll put some metal strips on the dinghy, and maybe do some other work at the property. If it stops raining.

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Angel lily?

I think that is what Bobbie called it. It just suddenly sprung up in Jackie’s yard, in a matter of hours I guess, days at the most, the mowers haven’t nailed it yet.

I guess it is going to be cooler tomorrow, that will be nice but I didn’t think my second Texas summer was that bad all in all.

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.

I don’t think you need a lot of political experience to be a good president, what you need is some wisdom and good common sense. There will be whole teams of people around you to help you with the political bullshit and laws and such. I think I’m going to miss Obama.

There has always been a delicate balance between chaos and control, be careful out there.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Scruffy Texas redneck hippie.

Actually, I don’t know what Gene (GeneO) is, hard to label him but we get along good. In Abilene yesterday he got a heavy duty drill for mixing plaster, and a couple pair of shoes. I got a new side grinder, two 8” wheels for under the generator, some electrical items, scissors, stainless bolts and nuts and some fishing tackle.

At Arby’s I got two roast beef max’s and brought one home for today, they are big. It was a pretty good day.

Your passage here is iffy and not guaranteed, be careful out there. *LETS GO KICK THIS DAY IN THE ASS*

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Arby’s ! !

At one time someone had sealed some leaks in the dinghy with silicone but that shit only works for about a year. Later someone used a better product on it, like Marine Tex. Problem is they didn’t remove the fucking silicone. So I removed some of the shit work and have now sprayed it with Flexseal.

It seems that fewer folks are taking vacations these days, up to 60 percent of you, maybe folks have to work more these days to get by?

Yesterday I went to a Taco Bueno for the first time, they offered a 4 buck platter for 2 bucks and it was worth the 2 bucks.

Gene and I are going to Abilene today, there is a Harbor Freight there, and an Arby’s. Yea ! ! I love Arby’s.

Won’t be back online until I get back home. If I don’t make it back home fuck it all.

Have a blessed fucking day

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where would you like to live?

I would like to live on the shore of a beautiful remote lake. If I win the lotto I’ll do that.

After launching the dinghy yesterday I discovered new leaks, sigh, so I just fished from the bank for a while.

Have a blessed fucking day

Monday, September 19, 2016

No Idea

I have no idea what a neighbor is trying to say with that sign, too much babble on it. But it is clear that he/she has a problem with christians, and maybe all religions in general.

Have a blessed fucking day

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Took the cats in the park some milk yesterday morning, was only three when I got there, just as I got done with my two laps Christina finely showed up, then more wandered out. Was thinking about going home for some food for them.

There are advantages to getting old. You no longer have to prove you are tough, or talented, or be anywhere you don’t want to be, or a lot of other things.

Spotted a USB cable at a junk store, cut the other end off and stripped the ends of the red and black wires and hooked it up to the speakers I got for the TV. Now I won’t have to buy anymore batteries for them. I’m a crafty bastard that way.

Evangelicals like Trump, not because the businessman is a Christian, but because Christianity is a business. And while I'm pitching a bitch, there hasn't been a war for freedom fought in this country since the Indian wars. Everything else has been for money or control.

Putin questions US commitment to Syria cease-fire…. So do I, there are always deals being made that we don’t know about.

Have a blessed fucking day

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flexseal & walks in the park

Don’t wanna put Flexseal on too thick, thinner coats are better, let cure for 24 hours and put on another coat. I have never used Flexseal before, will be interesting to see how well it holds up.

Christina, the cute friendly lady I’ve mentioned a few times feeds the cats at the park, bless her heart. They are the friendliest feral cats I’ve ever seen, you can pet most of them and they are even friendly with her dog.

I’m not the man I used to be, takes me 25 to 25 minutes to walk a mile, even the chunky chicks pass me.

A man showed me an interesting way to fish with corn but it attracts more carp than catfish. But I may try some for crappie using it, carp mostly feed on the bottom and crappie don’t.

"how does being forced to do something make me free?" I don’t give a damn if you stand or not, or put your hand over your heart. Hell, I don’t even know why they play that song at sporting events.

Have a blessed fucking day

Friday, September 16, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thinks it’s a Peterbuilt

I headed to Bangs yesterday, juz cuz I could, not that there is anything interesting there. Two miles out of town a bigger Dodge PU was sitting on the side with the hood up so I flipped a U turn to see what the problem wuz. The water pump was out big time, damn near went through the radiator.

I offered to tow him back to Bangs, I wuz just screwing around anyway, he liked that offer so we rigged a tow line, flipped a U and the Pissant Express pulled that bigger truck up the hill like it wuz taking a nap. Seven miles later, at 30 miles an hour, we hung a left at the only light and stopped beside the feed store in fantastic downtown Bangs. Banging away on Lulu, banging away all day. Hey boys, what cha going to do for banging away when Lulu moves away? Like I say at times, perform random acts of kindness. Godfuckingdamnit..

Can’t use the dinghy yet until I’m done spraying Flexseal on it so I will walk a couple of laps in the park this morning.

Boy, the flange on my asshole sure is raw from all the diarrhea. I wonder if it is the milk, can a person suddenly become lactose intolerant?

Have a blessed fucking day

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plans have changed

I’ve decided to not cover the whole outside of the dinghy with canvas, will just do the seams with it, using my plastic glue.

I have never ordered food delivered, like a pizza, why do people do that?

I live by one of my mottoes, perform random acts of kindness.

WIFE: You know, Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc."

Have a blessed fucking day

Monday, September 12, 2016

Have a leak..

I went to the bayou yesterday to do some depth soundings, learn how deep certain spots are, had only checked about five spots when I noticed a fair amount of water in the dingy so went back to the launch to turn it over, while waiting for it to dry out a bit I went to talk to a man fishing from the bank, he caught 8 nice ones yesterday but only two catfish, mostly carp that no one here is interested in, including him, he just likes to catch and release big fish. I got a can of Flex Seal at a yard sale, good time to try it out.

There is going to be some kind of event in the park but I don’t know what it will be, nor do I give a shit.

Do you pretend to have religion so your life will have meaning? Or do you think your life needs a religion to have meaning? Why can’t it just have meaning simply because you exist?

Bobbie said god gave men muscles so women would be nice to them when they want some heavy work done. Rolls eyes. I could say that god made women so men didn’t have to jack off but that hasn’t worked out so well.

I’ve always favored rule by the majority but that may not be the best way for a country to conduct itself either. It's complicated and goes clear back to The Federalist Papers.

This morning I’m checking a few things on Tim’s truck, I’m driving it to Fort Worth in a few weeks and don’t like how it wanders some.

Have a blessed fucking day

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Me thinks they be screwed

I took that picture of the shirt in the local gun shop the other day. That pipeline is going to screw those natives, I know some progress has been stopped but consider it temporary. our government has broken almost every treaty it has ever made with them. And now the liberals want almost all of us to give up our guns cuz, you know, they will take care of us. Do you believe that shit?

It could come to the point where they just plain take your guns from you, of course by using their guns.

Walked into the Red Wagon yesterday and Gene and Lonny was there so I sat with those two yahoos. Then after a nap I did two laps around the park, dats two miles ya know. Talked to a man that was fishing, said he fished for catfish, carp and buffalo fish, never heard of buffalo fish, they are like a carp.

Principle: Billy, I’m told you missed the first day of school.
Billy: No sir, I didn’t miss it at all.

Have a blessed fucking day

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I like that, don’t you? Like the Stanley miter box I bought for fifteen bucks, including the saw. It comes in handy here at the apartment all the time.

Like I said, the neighbors bought a trampoline so they can spy on me over the new fence. LOL …. Juz kidding, I’m sure they got it for the kids but they are also good exercise for young adults. Wuz never around them much when young so the best I could do a 1 ½ back flip, as I recall.

A can of lemon pie filling has almost no redeeming value and a bunch of calories, decent snack though.

Terry called me last evening, he always calls when he has a problem with his old 1971 Ford work pickup cuz I know those babies inside out. Always nice to hear from him even if he is now 2300 miles away.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Friday, September 9, 2016

A yard sale

Yesterday morning I loaded a bunch of shit in my truck and took it about 300 feet to a yard sale site, most of it stuff the neighbor got others to give her. At the end of the sale rather than box up what is left to store for the next sale she sells it as a lot for next to nothing, or gives it away, I call that being lazy. Then she starts bugging others to bring her more stuff for the next sale, pretty good racket I guess. She does give me what I want for nothing for helping her but there isn’t much of the shit she collects that I want. I’m pretty basic anyway and my needs are few. Pictures were taken while setting up.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

And a wall was built

The young couple on one side of me decided to put up a fence, more like a wall, they did not ask me what kind of a fence I would be okay with, I guess neighbors don’t do things like that anymore. I’m not opposed to fences, they make for good neighbors but my preference is a chain link fence, I like to be able to see what is going on around me. True that others can’t see through a wall but you can’t either and if some racket is going on out there I want to be able to spot it fast in case I need to react for some reason.

But they seem to love privacy, their whole yard is now bordered by a solid six full tall fence. Fine in some ways but sucks in others, I’m not interested in snooping on them when they are outside but I do like to chat with them a bit if they happen to be in the yard, now I won’t be able to so I may never speak to them again.

I made it clear that I would like to see a gate in it, not so I could have access to their yard but so they could have easy access to my place, like if they wanted to borrow a piece of equipment or use the riding mower, things like that. Also, it would give them a way to escape their place if for some reason it would be prudent to go that direction. Oh well, it is done now so that is the way of it.

Now if they hear noise at my place I suppose they will just ignore it, no way of telling if it is me or a fucking thief without stepping on something to look over a six foot fence. I guess the people on the other side of me were rude to her, made some comments about her and her kids and she doesn’t want them to even be able to see her and the kids. I would tell them to just mind their own fucking business, they aren’t out in the backyard a lot anyway that I know of.

Well, those kids will be good neighbors all right, I may never see them again, too bad, I like them. But according to all the memes on the internut it isn’t any of my fucking business.  Mutter, mutter. It’s a done deal now, I got a PM from the lady explaining why no gate but it would have been pretty easy to solve things if they had just discussed things with me first. Well, it’s water over the damn now, but I sure miss not having neighbors that discuss things with each other first, changing world.
I have no more to say about it.

Tim and I had the lunch buffet at the East Palace yesterday, I thunk it was pretty damn good and stuffed myself.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A flipping thing

I’m going to make a flipping paddle propulsion system for the dinghy, dreamed something like that up years ago anyway. It will give me a project to work on and it is just in my blood to be doing and making or fixing things. But mine will be horizontal instead of vertical, will avoid swerving that way. A simple rudder can to the steering.

I fear that the natives trying to stop the pipeline are screwed. This is pretty much how my asshole ancestors took the blackhills from the natives by building Deadwood. Those pipeline people have no right going on their property but they don’t give a shit about that. I am not proud of my people. Looks like another treaty will be broken.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

I made one

Everyone knows that I like to redneck and MacGyver stuff based on what I have on hand. Had a left over eight foot 2X2 and some plywood so made a kayak paddle. It is an improvement over a single paddle and good exercise but still not a great solution for the dinghy and can’t go very fast with it, less than walking speed. Myra said if I use the electric motor I have to get it registered and tabbed, I’m not inclined to give the assholes with power over us more money, fuck those cocksuckers.

Wish I had moved my metal lathe with me, would be handy for whatever propulsion system I dream up to make, like a water jet something or other.

The launch ramp is steep, I need to come up with a solution for getting it back on the truck being as I’m not as strong anymore, I’m not going to let aging get in the way of me doing things I like to do, until I have too. Think I will put a couple of skids on it so I can pull it up the ramp and load it on the flat. Of course having a heart attack at the bayou beats the hell out of having one at the computer desk while fucking around on Facefuck.

Google “propel a boat” comes up with interesting ways, and flops.

I don’t always say what people want to hear but I do say what I think they need to hear.
Have a blessed fucking day.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A pickup with a big sign on the tailgate said. PRAY FOR AMERICA “IF WE ARE NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD, WE ARE ONE NATION GOING UNDER.” For starters there are a hell of a lot of us that don’t believe in god, not the christians god anyway. And if even if we all did it wouldn’t do any good to pray to that piece of shit god, this would still be a nation going under.

WE ARE NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD, BUT WE ARE ONE NATION GOING UNDER. It appears to be anyway, time will tell.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

A work in progress

As for getting my dinghy finished, in no hurry to do that now that I have another. I mentioned earlier that I was having trouble getting the canvas to stick and I think it is because of the paint I’m using so I’m going to try something else but first I have to collect a bunch of styrofoam to make the glue with.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

It floats good

Got some water into the dinghy when launching it but other than that I didn’t notice any leaks in it. Plenty stable enough but the one I’m making will be even more stable as it is somewhat wider. Didn’t take a fishing pole with me, just a paddle and a bottle of water, rowed upstream a ways to where a small stream feeds into the bayou. Spotted a bobber so retrieved it, with a hook and a swivel.

Rowing with just one paddle sucks on a dinghy that swings easy, yesterday I made a kayak type paddle/oar, may make a paddle wheel set up for it being as I like to make things. Then I can use my legs to drive it while using my hands for fishing.

A retired teacher that walks in the park a lot stopped and talked to me for a while, she talked to me in Walmart one day also, she is really friendly and nice, I invited her to go fishing with me, may or may not happen but a cute interesting fishing buddy would be nice.

Have a blessed fucking day.