Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Will make a good alarm

About twenty five years ago when I had my parts house I stocked an air horn kit, not cuz I thought anyone in that little burg would want one but cuz I wanted one. Kept it when I sold out but never did get around to installing it in anything, until now, now it is an alarm for my shed. A loud alarm.

I had never heard of or seen a Treysit small engine tachometer before, bout five months ago I bought a used tool chest with some tools in it, haven’t paid much attention to what was in it but yesterday I spotted the Treysit and wondered what it was so looked it up on the internut, it works by vibration. Pretty cool, I may give it to some small engine mechanic.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Monday, August 29, 2016

That figures

I got distracted from completing the dinghy, that happens to me at times. Was just making it cuz I couldn’t find a used one for sale, then one shows up at a second hand store, so I bought it, a dingy man can’t have too many dinghies, hahahaha.

It came with a good anchor, two paddles, fishing net, two fishing poles and a crawdad trap for 160 bucks. Will repaint it, after I finish the one I’m making I’ll decide which one I like the best and sell the other. The one I’m making is just a bit wider.

Bobbie is like an alcoholic that doesn’t drink booze. She’ll get dressed a 1 AM to go get an RC and being as she stays broke playing bingo she can at times only afford one. When I need beer I go to the store for a 30 pack, fuck one at a time. She does buy her ciggs by the carton, right after she gets her SS, to make sure she has enough for the rest of the month, most of the time, I never see her without a cigg in her mouth.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just spirit

Ha !! Finely figured out how to program the game camera properly. Maybe I’ll see how it does making a video.

Those that talk to me in person may notice that I don’t cuss as much as I do on the internut, I’m just that fucking way. :-)

I fucked up covering the dinghy with the canvas, not that it isn’t a great way to cover a dinghy hull but the paint I’m using isn’t doing its part, I should have went with my plastic glue I came up with years ago, that shit is indestructible.

Hey gals, it is national go topless day, show us what ya got. :-)

Have a blessed fucking day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Small possum?

Set a game cam on the back porch for testing yesterday, it took a 153 pictures in about 15 hours, lot of activity. Mostly feral cats coming to eat, me putting out more food, birds, and in the night what I think is a small possum. It is a cheap cam but takes good pictures, good enough to see a fucking thief. Still trying to figure out how to get the date and time set right, may need help with that.

Ever watch fish fight their way upstream? I’m glad I didn’t have to do that to reproduce.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fucking thieves !!

The property some nice folks let me use for some storage and working on projects became the mark of some fucking thieves in the last week. Got three propane tanks, three lawn chairs, the propane heater out of my little camper, some push tacks, a pair of scissors and I don’t know what all else.

The young couple next door are good folks but they have lives and can’t keep an eye on the place all the time.

They’ll be back, fucking thieves like what they think is an easy mark, time for security cams and alarms.

You fucking thieves take note that if I catch you in the act that by the time the cops get there you will be real happy to see them. You’ll like the alarm, air horns are fucking loud. Cocksuckers……

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just fucking great

Now my little garden area has a white mold growing on it. Lots of folks are complaining about their gardens this year, fucking rain. I’ll remove it and the plants, turn the soil over and hope for better results next year.

Removed and cleaned my idle control valve Sunday. For some reason doing that every couple of years makes the truck run better and not stumble when taking off after a stop.
It is a goofy little thing and I’m not real clear on how it works but cleaning it helps a lot even though it doesn’t get that dirty.

I shot some pool with Jesus last week, he was complaining about the lack of pussy.

Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in, voting for a third party underdog is wasting your vote. America should not vote at all this fall, reject the front runners and start over and not let them run in the resulting runoff. We can get along just fine for a while with an interim preznut.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The scam

I participate in the scam at times and buy a lotto ticket, so far I have not gotten three numbers so I can win three dollars let alone the big prize. At least the game I play at the watering hole has made me another 23 bucks.

I’ve never done it but I’m pretty sure you could get away with some stuff using the self checkout stations in grocery stores.

Interesting movie last night, not on TV, in my head, a friend up north had a part in it. My brain comes up with some pretty interesting stuff at times, pretty entertaining.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another fucking Sunday

Hey, if jesus was worth a shit he would make it easy, but the brainwashed don’t get that, they love him even though they often suffer here.

“christian hoople heads can be pretty mean so you better be careful out there. super hot again today.” …. And I tend to rile them up, especially a local group here. But some of them say they will pray for me. Hahahaha, no one does any fucking praying, they are too busy clicking on the next link.

Beliefs about gods and religions irritate me but as least many of the youth aren’t being sucked into them these days. Where are you from? “My mommy, something in my daddy’s balls had something to do it it.”

Have a blessed fucking day.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


I need to find some more used books to read. I’m often reading three books at a time. One at home, one in the truck, one at fishing with me.

The profile picture I was using on Facefuck was about 6 years old so I updated it with one taken yesterday, with the hat I most often wear these days.

I peeled and froze a banana just to see how that would work, it was okay to put in a milk shake.

I should work on the truck today, clean the idle control valve piston, it’s been stumbling more of late and that can be a problem in traffic.

These christian hoople heads sure get uptight when you point out that jesus loves blow jobs and cocksuckers. This isn’t the fucking day of judgement, get over yourselfs and your brainwashing.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Friday, August 19, 2016

When it rains here it really rains.

I think that new bartender likes to give old men hard on’s, and its always been my policy to not let a good hard on go to waste. Wap wap wap.

Ever have dreams about fixing things/problems that don’t exist so don’t need fixing. Maybe that is because I don’t really have problem that needs to be fixed, hum.

Have a blessed fucking day.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Sometimes I use a ‘lure’ that is a treble hook with a green teardrop soft plastic dodad on it. I work little pieces of catfish power bait into it, and some chicken blood crap. Within two minutes of casting out yesterday I got a good strike but the hook didn’t set. I re-bated and sat there for an hour with no more bites, but finished the book I was reading, it wuz a nice morning.

Stay positive
Haul ass and bypass

Have a blessed fucking day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So much for that

Went to the fishing hole yesterday, just as I got there it started to sprinkle so I came back home. Didn’t expect to get any cool days in August but yesterday was real nice.

Got a 2000 dollar bill from the hospital for the time the VA sent me to the ER. Don’t you just love computers and modern billing systems? Of course ya can’t fix that with a computer, I had to go talk to two different monkeys in person, hopefully the VA will now pay it being as it was them that sent me there, it damn sure wasn’t my decision to go there.

Stay positive
Haul ass and bypass

Have a blessed fucking day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On the bayou

It was calm at the park yesterday, just some geese fucking around, then a monkey flew over with a paraglider but that was cool to see. Lots of geese in the park, and different kinds, I’m guessing that people that didn’t want theirs anymore dumped them in the park.

One looks like its father was a turkey, must be a real insult to a goose to be fucked by a turkey.

Two bites, nothing hooked.

Looks like more days of iffy weather, nice to have it more mild but not conductive for working on the dinghy. I could but I want to do it on days when it will be hot and sunny later in the day.

When I cable the cell phone to the computer to take pictures off it and then remove the cable the fucking computer shuts down.

Stay positive
Haul ass and bypass

Have a blessed fucking day.

Monday, August 15, 2016

I wuz amused

I wuz amused
The folks showed up yesterday for the blocks, in a PT Cruiser, what a hoot. An hour later they was back with his son’s truck and the big strapping son and those blocks made it squat.

Nice to have more room in the shop now but I also have a LOT of red building blocks I want out of there, enough to build a small building, or chicken coop or something, maybe a wall or raised garden bed, In the fall I will start putting them out by the street with a free sign.

An old couple where walking toward Walmart, holding hands. Sweet.

The lady in my cover photo is a university professor that was spot on when she said, “I love my job, I hate my job.”

Weather is still iffy, I may go fishing this morning.

Haul ass and bypass

Have a blessed fucking day.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Plans get changed

A storm Friday evening knocked a big branch off the big dead tree at the property, the picture is crappy cuz the flash went off. Folks were supposed to be coming for the blocks so I spent an hour cleaning that area up being as it is where you drive in. But they didn’t show, maybe they will this morning. Anyway, maybe covering the front of the dinghy this morning, depending on the weather but we need the rain so that is cool.

You’ve had a look at the future, you know there is no talk about god in the future.

Stay positive
Haul ass and bypass

Have a blessed fucking day.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

If you were to ask how it is going

I would say not worth a shit. The canvas isn’t sticking to the dinghy very well, there will be lifting in places. I’m going to attribute it to the paint I’m using being as I’ve not had that problem on past projects. Well, there are ways to fix that later.

I also need another gallon of paint, the canvas soaks a lot of it up. Anyway, the back piece is on other than wrapping it over the gunwales after I turn it over. Will start putting the front piece on this morning, I ironed it yesterday.

Sherry would bust my bubble about Myra but she may be right.

Sometimes I miss my tail, it wuz fun swinging around in the trees.
Flow over the bullshit.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Slow going

I just work on covering the dinghy a little each morning, it is going to take a while but there is no hurry, I’m not working on it in the heat.

No winner in the Texas lotto Wednesday so I saved a buck by not buying a ticket.

The lady still wants the cinder blocks but lives out of town and having transportation problems, I’m hopeful they’ll show up in the next few days.

Flow over the bullshit.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

If you’re not fucking up

It’s cuz you’re not doing anything, suppose I’ll be fucking up until I die. I should have ironed the canvas before installing it, to get the fold creases out of it, took me extra time to keep working it to get them to lay down. I’ll iron the front piece before putting it on.

Those that have followed me for years know that I’ve developed some of my own ways of doing things. Like using a squeeze bottle and a paint pad when painting. Won’t go into why again. Oil based paint with thinner in it will start to eat the styrofoam part of the pad so I cut off the pad and made a wood backer.

Myra said she hopes she gets to go fishing in my redneck dinghy with me. Just when I decide she isn’t interested in me she comes up with shit like that, women, rolls eyes.

I keep forgetting to put bug spray on my legs when outside until a dozen chiggers have bit me, the little bastards, the joys of living in the south.

The lady didn’t come for the blocks yesterday, sigh.

I wish they would fix that fucking pothole on Fisk !!! Being as I’m apparently too fucking stupid to remember to avoid the son of a bitch.

Flow over the bullshit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Going away

I have 12 cinder blocks with some concrete on the bottoms of them I wanted to get rid of, a lady on freecycle was looking for some so I’m glad to let her have them so I don’t have to figure out how to get rid of them. Now if I could just give away a bunch of other building blocks I have that would be good.

The painters canvas I’m putting on the dinghy has a seam through the middle of it and I won’t want it there so will cut it out and put it on in two pieces, just overlap it some.

Flow over the bullshit.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No covering today

Today I’ll turn the dinghy over and do some painting on the inside, the first coat has a lot of thinner in it so it soaks in good.

Side of hashbrowns $1.95, dish of gravy 25 cents, I like the Red Wagon.

Flow over the bullshit.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ready for paint and canvas

Moved the dinghy yesterday, on the old pickup canopy is a good place for it to be stored when I’m not using it for a while and don’t want it in the truck. Let it sit out in the heat of the day for a day to give the glue and wood filler another day to cure good, will put the first coat of paint on it this morning. Yup, still have the mini camper I built a few years back.

Sometimes living alone sucks but one advantage was not getting any crap while building the dinghy in my front room. To her credit Marie never fussed when I built projects in the front room in the winter months.

About a year ago when I started going to the watering hole for a little social hour most days I put forty bucks into a gambling account, I don’t gamble a lot cuz it is generally a losing proposition but I would bet about five bucks a day. For months the amount went up and down some but recently it bounced up to a hundred bucks so I drew sixty bucks out.

Flow over the bullshit.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


So called tax free weekend here but not for all things, still had to pay it on the paint and thinner I bought yesterday, and the water timer, the cocksuckers. 

Was at Gene’s at 7:AM yesterday, to put freon in Lonnie’s P/U, then Lonnie treated me to breakfast at the Red Wagon. 

The Redneck dinghy gets moved to the property today. Just need a one man dinghy for some fishing but it will likely handle three or four people, it’s bigger than I imagined it in my mind. Won’t be fishing for a few days, will work on the boat early mornings before it gets hot.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Decided that being as none of the materials are marine grade anyway that I wouldn’t use expensive glue/sealant, so I just used liquid nails. Today I’ll tack on the front panel and then it goes to the property for painting and the covering.

The covering is going to be a painters canvas I have, will be painted right on to the boat like they did in the old days. Gene said they used to race mini hydroplanes at the lake and they were also canvas covered. I consider it the poor mans fiberglass and it holds up very well. I have a 9X12 foot painters canvas I got at Harbor Freight a few years ago for 15 bucks so it is enough material for the entire outside of the boat.

Going to make a couple removable floorboards for it, I’m not stepping on the ¼” skin, I recall that back when there was a lot of wood boats that they had floorboards in them. I’m not impressed with the ¼” plywood from Home Depot, will never buy it again.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Friday, August 5, 2016


Sherry asked if I’m making or buying oars, I’m going to make a kayak type oar but nothing fancy, it won’t take much to move a little redneck dinghy along. I suppose it will be another two weeks or so before it hits the water, I just work on it a bit each day.

Jenny, ever seen a cardboard boat race? Some of them are built pretty good and used for some time, the kids may like that.

Been building things all my life but Gene’s trade is building things and he said that you shouldn’t buy 2X2’s, that you should buy 2X4’s and rip them into 2X2’s as you need them, won’t have as much trouble with twisting and warping that way, I’ll damn sure keep that in mind in the future.

Going to spend more than a hundred bucks, seems like prices go up more each week, two 4X8 panels was over forty bucks and a gallon of oil based paint will be thirty bucks, plus a gallon of thinner. Maybe I should have collected a bunch of free Styrofoam and made a plastic dinghy. Hum, may do that next just for the heck of it.

“It sounds like you are doing a good job.” Cracks me up when folks say things like that, no, I’m just making a lot of fucking noise driving a few hundred nails.

Hooked a nice one yesterday, can tell by the fight, but it broke lose bout half way in.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Won’t be doing that

I’m not going to put fiberglass on the boat (dingy), I’m likely only going to be using it for a few years. I ended up buying ¼ inch panels instead of thinner panels, won’t add that much extra weight.

I’m using DAP clear flexible sealant instead of some kind of glue, it holds things together just fine and adheres to wet surfaces. And galvanized roofing nails. The seams will be sealed from water entry the way they did them back in the old days, will show you when I get to that point. A dingy made with cheap materials will still last for years if stored upside down and painted when needed.

Lonnie is back in town so will return my mower and pick up his that I fixed for him.

Just one small crappie yesterday, not a keeper.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.