Monday, May 15, 2017

Hell ?? Hell?? Sure, I know where hell is, it is in my brain, it is a short trip.
A young man was on this street yesterday with a Can-Am three wheeler, pretty cool bike.
Some people, you just give up on trying to help them, especially when they owe you money.
ISO two lawnmower or similar small wheels to put on my table saw for moving it around.


  1. Yes, I've seed a three wheeler like that! They are quite nice, I agree. I'd still be too clumsy though. I suspect the bite is a spider... I get one every once in a while and they do take quite a longe time to heal. And the center of the bite always looks like that when I get a spider bite. They are madden fly itchy too.

  2. Replies
    1. You don't have to spell check, I understand what you are saying just fine. Actually, the CanAm is very easy to drive. Push button up shifts and automatic down shifts. Even has a real cruise control.

  3. I could I suspect Manu era the mechanics "ok", I meant more that I am a clumsy oaf and would probably topple over on thee wheels just like I would on two wheels. It keeps me away from motirxycles... Too much speed for my level of klutziness. I used to ride a moped, but even that modest speed was probably not wise for me and I eventually sold it.