Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Those old Internationals were tuff trucks. Not made for speed or good fuel economy but made for farmers and trades people that needed tuff hard working trucks. And some of them looked pretty damn good for those days, I like the body style on that one. 

I don’t work on it a lot at a time but I’m sanding down the fuck up on the chair body. It will have to do without a clear coat cuz that shit doesn’t play well. Paint and body men must get bored a lot as it can take a lot of tedious work to get a real nice paint job. Especially then things fuck up.

I went through the bike department twice looking for one of those bike flags but didn’t see any. The other day I spotted one in a ladies shopping cart so I stopped and asked her where she found it. She said at the end cap, I guess I didn’t notice them as when I got to the end of the isle I looked at the stuff on the wall.

A neighbors adult son checked out with a .44 the other day, guess he was tired of life on this rock and decided to relocate but it’s hard on a mother to lose a child.


  1. I have always liked the look of International Harvester vehicles too!

  2. Had me going thought you was gonna be the old guy with the coolest truck in town. Oh that guy wtf, it would take something really bad to make me miss tomorrow.