Saturday, April 22, 2017

Texas camping

Camping was ok but not as nice as up north. Many call the north gods country, I guess that makes Texas the devils Siberia. It is just different here, pretty but harsh at the same time.

Quite there, was mostly alone, three boats launched the first day, just one the next day. Mostly just me, a big heron, a red cardinal and a redheaded woodpecker. Forgot coffee filters, the regulator for the camp stove was shot so I just made cold camp coffee.

Bobbie said she missed me, that she feels safer when I’m here, just cuz I have a gun it doesn’t mean I’m looking for an excuse to use it, or maybe I should be who she worries about. Besides, this neighborhood is pretty peaceful, I don’t even give our safety any thought. She gave me a bunch of DVD movies, must be a couple hundred of them.


  1. cold coffee? sounds like something they'd sell at starbucks.

  2. Maybe a rocket stove, ya never run out of twigs in the woods.

    1. I didn't want to use my nice pot on a fire, I had my fire pit and wood with me.

  3. It been a while since I went Camping