Monday, April 17, 2017

Fixing to go camping

Brought my homemade mini trailer to the apartment to clean up and set up again. Discovered I had an extra propane stove in the survival gear trailer so I’m good there.

Picked up an old notebook and discovered old notes in it I wrote on camping trips years ago on my strange spiritual journey. Like, “Don’t take politics too serious, it’s just another American racket.” “Spirits don’t adopt religions.”

Have you seen the movie SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT? When she kneed him in the balls that cracked me up. Pretty decent movie but I like chick flicks anyway.


  1. BBC:

    I think that is the first picture of the full trailer I have seen. It is pretty impressive! If you can, take a picture of the inside sometime. I'd like to see its current set-up.


    1. Nothing fancy about the inside, just framing and a cot and such.