Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Drum

I had things to do yesterday so like any respectable bum I went fishing instead. Caught a nice Drum but don’t know anything about them and fishing regulations are written to confuse the fuck out of me so I released it. But someday I may try eating one.

These warm water bass are okay, not great but plenty of meat on them, one or two a year is okay, I’m not good with a fillet knife so I de-scale them, I like the skin anyway.

Being a runner up for the most klutzy fisherman in Texas the damn wind blew my lawn chair into the bayou so I had to fish it out also.


  1. A good thing about anything when it comes to cooking something. One can just "Google it"
    Coffee is on

  2. Some folks like them and some folks won't even try them.