Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A DeSoto

While wandering around a bit lost on Saturday I decided to check out Grosvenor, not much there, just a church, like many small settlements of the past it is now just a part of Texas history, never was very big. Pretty out there this time of year and I saw some wild turkeys.

I owned an old DeSoto when I was stationed in Alaska, got it for 50 bucks, needed some work, nothing really special about them, a tic below a Chrysler and a tic above a Plymouth. Had a fluid clutch in it but I switched it and the tranny out for a standard setup. It was good enough for the girls I went out with. Well, only went out with one when there, she became my first wife.

Quote of the day: “I shall seek guidance from my superiors.” Na, fuck them.. LOL

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