Sunday, August 13, 2017


I got a bag of country style peppered gravy mix, decent stuff and made right here in Texas. I mix in a little A1 sauce to pep it up some.

Popcorn pops, blows up, when the internal pressure reaches about 135 PSI.

Always park your rig/camper in your escape direction.

Better wander about a bit today and check on the christian cocksuckers, see if they are going to church and loving jesus. The blow jobs for jesus drive hasn’t gotten much support, I guess they don’t want to suck his cock, just ask for his help when they are in trouble.


  1. Picked up a bird feeder at Walffart yesterday and the damn thing fell apart before I got it to the checkout counter.

  2. All Chinese crap needs to be looked over thoroughly especially the electronics. In the sweatshop they get paid by the quantity they turn out not quality.

  3. pop corn it been a is on