Friday, March 17, 2017


St. Patrick’s day has a lot of foolish myths in it but it is still fun to be Irish on this day. After some fucking coffee I can be Irish for the day.

Saw a video about fishing for crappie with Slim Jim jerky, doesn’t seem to work here.


  1. After a bath in the bayou yesterday and a night in rice the cell phone won't fire up, will give it another day but may have to get a new phone.

  2. did you dye yourself green or is this some computer magic?

    excellent look.

  3. It is just some wash out hair spray I got at a hair care place.

  4. Ha! The green is great!!! I am still just grey, but I did amply imbibe in (non-green) beer and whiskey this afternoon. So I am feelingly pleasantly Irish myself!