Sunday, July 31, 2016


Bison steak – fried tomatoes.

“No man is so low that a dog or sheep won’t love him.”

I was sitting next to a lady about my age but didn’t talk to her, no reason for her to be interested in me or she would have said something, is my reasoning.

It’s Sunday, do you suppose spirit would like to fondle the cock you pack around for her?

More progress on making the boat…

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


In my humble fucking opinion Bush’s Baked Beans are better with catsup.

A little progress on the boat making project yesterday. Using lumber that warps and twists after you get it home sucks though. I’ll post a picture of the frame after I get it together.

An ice cream truck playing music came by last evening, don’t see that very often anymore.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Friday, July 29, 2016


Okay, it’s not a monster, the crappie is only about four inches long, I use a number 4 hook, a small fish has to work pretty hard to get a big hook in its mouth but where there are small crappie there are likely cats cuz they love crappie. You just have to lose some bait to crappie to catch cats.

I also reeled in two cats about nine inches long but released them, minimum here is ten inches. Catfish must have cast iron guts being as they eat fish with spines/spikes. Don’t suppose anyone gives a crap about my fishing but it is what I have to post about.

Wuz talking to a man at the watering hole, he is a laser technology technician from San Jose, Ca. Doing some training here at 3M, I’ll bet that is interesting work.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


That old fart tired three times before he got his boat down the ramp. The ice dispenser on the corner sure is popular and the best price in town, double the ice for two bucks.

How did a fish get to be named a crappy? “Hey, wanna crappy fish?” Time for new line on my pole, will go with 12 pound test for longer casts, I hope. My cheap Zebco reel must be over 30 years old but still works good.

I wonder if I will get the ark built before I croak, I’m not working at it very hard. I think I found a spot where I won’t loose so many hooks, but I may be full of crap. Catfish and Crappie’s don’t like catfish, only the monkeys like it, I never get a bite using catfish parts.

When you start getting old fuzzy eyes and fumble fingers it is easier to tie palomar and knots like that if you use a small safety pin or paper clip in the loop. And if you have trouble keeping the short side of the loop inline use a small split shot to hold the two lines together, then just remove it. Takes crafty old bastards like me to figure shit like that out.

Only the stinking rich wins elections anymore, this is just not right.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Building a crappy boat

Said to Terry in an email, “I'm making a small boat, want to catch some crappy.”
Reply from Terry, “Just like you to build a crappy boat  … LOL ”
Dat’s funny, and he is right, it isn’t going to be fancy, will be redneck like. You can get decent looking lumber in a store and two days after you get it home it is so fucking out of shape it is pathetic.

Why go fishing? Cuz I can, it normally isn’t heavy or hard work. I don’t have a depth sounder anymore, may have to buy one to see what is in the bayou, tired of losing hooks. For now I’ll just use a length of 4 pound test with a treble hook to look for trouble spots to avoid.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I bought a cheap plastic miter box at Home Depot for making the boat, it’s a pretty damn decent device that is coming in pretty handy.

If I wait until the tomatoes are red they go to hell, guess fried green tomatoes are the answer. Or just let them go to hell and the bugs can eat them, I’m not much into eating many of them.

No fishing today, not interested in a study diet of fish.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Monday, July 25, 2016

What fish?

Woodie went fishing about 30 miles away, didn’t catch a thing he could keep, at least I only go a mile to catch nothing.

Put it off as long as I could but recently have started admitting I’m getting old, all the loose skin in the bathroom mirror is a piss poor reminder though.

Screw the current political circus, trying to understand the un-understandable will just make your head hurt, just let it flow as it will. As fucked up as our system is it does have some built in checks and balances that seem to work pretty well so don’t get too wrapped up in all of it. It is looking like I will see our first female president before I check out.

Fillet a biscuit? Yeah, the crust is kind of tough.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Blog

Without the content warning. The text should be big enough to please Billy P.

The black pole is hard to see against the murky water background so I put a bobber on the tip to see it better as I’m sitting about 50 feet away in the shade.

Soften the butter? Sure, I put it in the oven for half an hour, the gas pilot light keeps it a bit warm in there.

Texas is plum full of roaches and dollar stores, odd that there isn’t a dollar store close to me.

Cookies and porn are better when they are homemade.

Keep on trucking, and flow over the bullshit.